Brussels 2024



Form Editions is excited to exhibit once again with Collectible, one of the premier European destinations for collectible design. Our curated collection showcases the latest additions to our label as well as some of our key objects, featuring unique pieces that spearhead the advance of limited edition collectible design.
The Exhibition

The latest addition to our collection - a stunning sculptural light created by the newly formed duo, Pepe Valenti and Lucas Zito will debut during this year's Collectible fair. This piece is a magical blend of the two designer's trademark styles, featuring high polished steel and 3D printed light structures.

Studio Verbaan designed two new sculptures for the Form Editions collection, extending their collection of sculptural objects in black stained oak and styled in minimalist geometric compositions.

The Designers

Frank Penders combines his experience as a photographer, metal worker and civil engineer. A strong combination of aesthetic, conceptual, hands-on and technical qualities that he uses to design to the purest shapes.

Rive Roshan is the artistic practice of Ruben de la Rive Box and Golnar Roshan, with a deep interest in colour, texture and materiality leads to an aesthetic of raw beauty.

Studio Verbaan's handcrafted wooden pieces sit somewhere between furniture, objects and sculpture, the contrast of the minimalistic shapes and traditional craft, goes beyond the object’s functionality.

Designer Marc Meeuwissen (Dear Objects) takes over the tool from the craftsman in the series of functional objects entitled ‘BRUTALISTA’. More specifically, the handsaw. 

Collin Velkoff investigates the fluidity and malleability of function as he attempts to generate narratives through the creation of unique objects. His wide range of experience with materials and their process culminates in the development of new methodologies of creation.

Pepe Valenti specializes in product and installation design, focusing on materiality. He uses an intuitive, hands-on approach to explore and understand materials. Inspired by raw elements, his polished creations highlight the contrast between their origins and the final results.

Based in France since 2019, Lucas Zito specializes in eco-friendly materials and new technologies. His work centers on 3D-printed lights from corn starch-based plastic, balancing aesthetics and functionality responsibly. It evolves with his social and personal convictions.