About Form Editions

About Form Editions

About Form Editions

About Form Editions

Monumental objects for extraordinary spaces

Great design is collected, not consumed. As an editions label, Form Editions strives to curate the greatest collection of forward thinking collectible design, limited edition sculptural objects and contemporary objets d’art.

By combining handmade processes and cutting edge digital technologies, we are able to deliver the highest quality manufactured objects with undiluted artistic excellence.

Become a collector

Collecting experiences

Owning art and collectible design objects is about much more than material ownership. It is about a deeply felt emotional bond to what it means to the owner, the history of its making and the contribution to the evolution of culture.

Purchasing a collectible object therefore isn't about transactional ownership, but much more about becoming part of the history of the object and its aura.

"Through carefully curated exhibitions we make independent designers accessible to collectors and interested companies."

Professional Shipping

We ship worldwide in professional art crates

Free Returns

Within 30 days of purchase and no signs of use

Promoting Diversity

We actively curate to promote diversity