Brussels 2023



Collectible is a one of a kind platform for the showcase and discovery of the best in collectible design today.

The 6th edition of Collectible took place from 9 to 12 March 2023 at Tour & Taxis, with a VIP and Press Preview on Wednesday, 8 March.

Form Editions presented works from their core collection, featuring: Frank Penders, Linda Weimann, Collin Velkoff and Rive Roshan.
The Exhibition

The prestigious fair unfolds at the renowned Tour et Taxis venue. Situated in the heart of Brussels' historical industrial district, this cultural hub traces its roots to Belgium's industrialization in the late 19th century. The contradiction between the fair's thematic focus and its setting serves as the narrative foundation: celebrating craftsmanship as a counterpoint to the Industrial Revolution. Craftsmanship embodies the human mastery of natural elements—earth, fire, water, wind—and the primal forces that continue to shape modern necessities.

The Designers

Frank Penders combines his experience as a photographer, metal worker and civil engineer. A strong combination of aesthetic, conceptual, hands-on and technical qualities that he uses to design to the purest shapes.

Rive Roshan is the artistic practice of Ruben de la Rive Box and Golnar Roshan, with a deep interest in colour, texture and materiality leads to an aesthetic of raw beauty.

Linda Weimann blends traditional craft with new expressions, redefining ornamentation in sculpture and site-specific projects. Using gypsum craft, she explores how classic algorithms work in space and objects, reflecting an obsession with natural variation.

Collin Velkoff investigates the fluidity and malleability of function as he attempts to generate narratives through the creation of unique objects. His wide range of experience with materials and their process culminates in the development of new methodologies of creation.