Dutch Design Week 2019



Exhibited at Dutch Design Week 2019, Hybrid Times was the debut exhibition of Form Editions, a platform linking creative culture with real people. This exhibition featured works by young, diverse, and international artistic designers, aiming to provide insights and answers.
The Exhibition

Hybrid Times reflects our increasingly fluid culture, where fixed boundaries dissolve and worlds merge. The exhibition features thematically cohesive yet diverse works in material and form. It showcases sculptural pieces, poetic light objects, and unique creations that defy labels. The collection moves seamlessly between art and design, graphic and spatial works, highlighting the blend of different worlds and disciplines.

The Designers

Works by Rive Roshan, Fict Studio, Jule Cats, Michiel Poelmann, Ida Elke, Studio Foam, Théophile Blandet, Umut Yamac, and Yvon Smeets were presented at the exhibition, exploring the grey area between art and design.