Studio Foam

Studio Foam

Studiofoam is a material research and design studio with a unique interpretation of surface design, moving between art, crafts and design.

Based in Paris and founded by Caroline Venet in 2017, the studio questions techniques and manufacturing processes, between innovation, know-how and tradition. Caroline has a multi-disciplinary approach, ranging from experimentation to installation, from materials & surfaces, to product design, set design, scenography and art direction. 

Skin tones is the current research of Studiofoam, made with re-used porcelain and leather waste. The designer Caroline Venet presents a limited series of unique vases, handmade in Paris, in collaboration with Fanny Richard, ceramist. The vase collection combines two distinct materials, plays with our perception, between the soft, the hard, between the suppleness of a leather skin and the velvety texture of hard porcelain. 

The molded leather parts wrap around the body of the vases to interact with flowers as a collar, an accessory with different shades of skin tones. Each yoke sublimates leather waste, those pieces of skins always rejected by the fashion industry. These scraps are chosen by the designer to highlight their asperities, the irregularities of the skin, scars, natural wrinkles or veins, which make the uniqueness of each vase. Porcelain is recycled and reused in the daily practice of the ceramist, then molded and worked as a second skin to form vases.

Photography by Chloe Alyshea