Solid Silhouettes – Dutch Design Week '23 Exhibition

Solid Silhouettes – Dutch Design Week '23 Exhibition

This exhibition shows new work of the core selection of designers that are connected to Form Editions. Visit us at KEVN in the newly created Collectible Design area of Dutch Design Week, where Form Editions explores the future of collectible design and functional art.


The Exhibition

Form Editions is a platform where art and design converge, connecting collectors to creators. Through this exhibition, we showcase new works from our core collection. These innovative works transcend the ordinary, pushing the boundaries of geometric possibilities while delving deep into the world of materials. You'll discover common threads of shapes in their purest form interwoven throughout the pieces, each manifested in a distinctive personal signature.

The Designers

Frank Penders combines his experience as a photographer, metal worker and civil engineer. A strong combination of aesthetic, conceptual, hands-on and technical qualities that he uses to design to the purest shapes.

Rive Roshan is the artistic practice of Ruben de la Rive Box and Golnar Roshan, with a deep interest in colour, texture and materiality leads to an aesthetic of raw beauty.

Studio Verbaan's handcrafted wooden pieces sit somewhere between furniture, objects and sculpture, the contrast of the minimalistic shapes and traditional craft, goes beyond the object’s functionality.

Marijke De Cock manifests a distinctive series of abstracted, intuitive wall sculptures which, adorned with beads, above all celebrate the desire to create.

Designer Marc Meeuwissen (Dear Objects) takes over the tool from the craftsman in the series of functional objects entitled ‘BRUTALISTA’. More specifically, the handsaw. One sheet of timber-based material and the availability of only one handsaw is ‘the brutal idea’ behind this project – One Sheet, One Saw, One Object.

Collin Velkoff investigates the fluidity and malleability of function as he attempts to generate narratives through the creation of unique objects. His wide range of experience with materials and their process culminates in the development of new methodologies of creation.

About Form Editions

Form Editions is a platform that connects makers of collectible design to collectors and potential buyers. As a platform it sits somewhere between a collective, label and gallery. The platform focusses on building strong and long lasting relationships with a small group of designers, so that their careers can develop and grow sustainably and they will gain enough income and confidence to invest in a long term practice.

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Photography by Chloe Alyshea